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Hi Guys! You have sen many applications with google maps and coldfusion showing a specific markers on the map. Most use Custom Coldfusion based tag to show markers on the website. That is also true. But here i will simply use the javascript and the XML functionality to show multiple markers.

Evrything is possible with Custom tag, but suppose your host does not allow you to use any custom tag and then u desperately looking a solution something like. Here is the solution for you.

 Very Basic Coldfusion Code is used and i have explained everything in detail for you better understanding

So we begin now:

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Hi Webmaster, I just want to say thanks to you for your tutorial website it was alot useful for for me. i'm a beginner in webdesign and i find your site very useful. thanks alot because i do not know what newbie like me would have done wthout sites like yours. thanks again for the good job!

Anenih Lucky, 03/09/2010

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